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Jumat, 30 September 2011

AmpliTube Live 2.1 | 446.78 Mb

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AmpliTube Live 2.1

AmpliTube 2 Live is a complete guitar amp modeling solution and effects powerhouse with ultra accurate models of the most sought after gear and the ability to mix and match separate components to build your own amps and craft a unique and ultimate tone.

It comes both as a standalone application and a plug-in compatible with your favorite recording software, including Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic, GarageBand, and others.

Fully MIDI-controllable, AmpliTube 2 Live is based on AmpliTube 2 unique DSM technology and includes 3 guitar and bass amplifier models of the most sought after vintage gear for a total of 15 amp Combination possibilities, 11 effects, a built-in tuner, an amazing selection of more than 128 customizable user presets, and SpeedTrainer, an integrated Audio Player with pitch and speed control, ideal for learning your favorite songs.

AmpliTube 2 Live Features :
-3 Guitar and Bass Amp Models
- 5 Cabinets
- 9 Stomp models, plus Spring Reverb and Gate
- 2 Microphone models with selection/position controls
- Full-MIDI Control
- Built-in Tuner
- 128 Customizable User Presets compatible with the full version of AmpliTube 2
SpeedTrainer, an integrated audio player with pitch and speed control, for learning your favorite songs (standalone only)
- Based on AmpliTube 2 unique DSM technology.

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