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Minggu, 09 Oktober 2011

Microsoft Office 2007 Geniune Crack

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Microsoft Office 2007 Geniune Crack | 224.83 Kb

Making your microsoft office 2007 pirates to genuine 100%


Double-click on the registry entity (office.reg) and click yes. You're done, Office 2007 is genuine.

This .reg file will only work for MS Office 2007 Enterprise Edition.

What it does:
This entitiy will overwrite the invalid Office 2007 Registry on your computer with a valid entity. In effect, it removes the invalid key caused by using a "fake" CD key to install it and replaces it with a clean, Genuine Office Registry entity. This registry does not affect anything other than the Office 2007 key, so don't worry about your computer being messed up.

Why you should do it:
Well, if you try to go to Microsoft Office and get genuine updates, Microsoft will block you, saying that your copy of Office is invalid, or even fake. This isn't true; the CD key is fake, not the program. This Reg Key will overwrite the invalid Office Key and replace it with a key that will tell Office and Windows update that the copy of Office is real, and it will let you download and install Genuine Updates.

Password Mediafire :

Password Rar :

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