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Minggu, 09 Oktober 2011

Microsoft Product Key Finder x86 and x64

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Microsoft Product Key Finder x86 and x64 | 94.3 Kb
Instantly displays product keys for all microsoft products installed. No installation required, just download and open, displays product keys quickly and easily. If for some reason you need to reinstall Windows, Office, or other Microsoft applications, and you can't find the original key on a CD, you'll be out of luck. You won't be able to re-install. That is, you won't unless you use ProduKey.

The program is exceedingly simple to use. Run it, and it displays all of your product keys and product IDs for Windows, Microsoft Office applications, Windows Server, and Microsoft SQL Server. There are a variety of command line options, if you'd like to do things such as get product key information from a remote PC, or save the information to a text file.

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