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Senin, 03 Oktober 2011

Transfer Your PC Deluxe 2.0

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Transfer Your PC Deluxe 2.0 | 36.57 Mb

Upgrading to a new PC by yourself can take hours, days or even weeks to do right. And even when you think you've finished the job, you'll still find data that you've inadvertently left behind. Eliminate the hassle with Transfer Your PC Deluxe.

It automatically moves your programs, files and settings from your old PC to your new PC. Migrating to Windows XP or Vista has never been simpler. Get up and running on your new computer quickly and easily with Transfer Your PC Deluxe

Don't suffer through the hassles of manually migrating to your new PC. Transfer Your PC Deluxe makes the move a cinch, automatically transferring applications, documents, settings, preferences and favorites.

Think about all you've done to customize your old PC your contacts and calendar, your email and preferences You can take it all with you. And no software makes it easier than Transfer Your PC Deluxe.

Features :
- Move to Your New PC in 3 Easy Steps
- Automatically Transfer Programs, Files and Setings
- Privacy Protection and Back Up Software
- High Speed Transfer Cable Included
- Product Reviews by PC Magazine, PC Answers Magazine and IT Reviews

This complete migration suite includes:
* Migration Software
* Privacy Protection
* Complete Back Up
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