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Rabu, 05 Oktober 2011

USB to Ethernet Connector

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USB to Ethernet Connector | 2.01 Mb

USB to Ethernet Connector is a professional solution, which allows sharing any number of USB ports and devices on your computer over LAN/WAN/VLAN/VPN/Internet. Remote computers (clients) can connect to your computer (server) and communicate with USB devices, plugged into shared remote ports, as if those devices were connected directly to client computers.

All applications that work with remote USB devices won't see the difference and will treat them as local ones. As USB to Ethernet Connector shares USB ports, not devices themselves, you can plug any USB device into shared USB port, then unplug this device and plug in another one, and it will automatically appear at the remote client side without any additional configuration.

With USB to Ethernet Connector you can :
  • Share USB devices on the local PC (server) so that they become available for usage on the remote PC (client)
  • Share any number of USB devicesFreely unplug USB device and plug in another one into shared USB port on the server — the device will automatically appear on the client
  • Give custom names to your USB devices (label them) to let clients easily identify them
  • Set authorization password and enable traffic encryption
  • Disable current connection from the server side
  • Access remote shared USB devices from virtual machine, remote desktop or blade server
  • Access remote shared USB devices via Wi-Fi
  • Two types of connection with remote devices are available: "Connect" and "Connect once", the latter allowing client to establish one-time connection without attempts to restore it if broken
  • See who currently occupies shared USB device from other clients'

Full features list :
  • Share your USB device with others over local network or Internet using one application
  • Shared USB devices can be easily accessed from virtual machines (VMware, VMware ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V, • Citrix XenDesktop, Virtual PC, etc)
  • Share an unlimited number of USB devices
  • Any number of people can connect and utilize a shared USB device, only one client can connect to a shared remote device at a time though
  • Auto-connect to new USB devices whenever you plug them in
  • Shared USB ports are automatically re-configured every time you boot your PC
  • USB v1.1 and v2.0 compatible
  • OHCI, UHCI and EHCI standards are supported
  • Fully compatible with Hyper-threading and multi-processor systems
  • Integrate USB over Ethernet technology into your own applications (OEM license only)
  • Initiate connection with a client from the server side (callback connection) — currently for OEM License owners
  • Works on virtual machines (VMware, VMware ESX Server, Citrix XenServer and Microsoft Hyper-V support)

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